Germany 2019 – Director: Christoph Hübner, Gabriele Voss – Original language: German – Subtitles: English, German – Length: 94 min.

The dream of a career as a professional football player is often sooner over than hoped. Mohammed Abdulai, Heiko Hesse and Florian Kringe, three former Borussia Dortmund youngsters, look back on their lives and give us a glimpse into their everyday lives in the AFTERMATH.




English/Original Title: AFTERMATH. Writer: Christoph Hübner, Gabriele Voss. Camera: Christoph Hübner. Sound: Filipp Forberg, Michael Arens, Gabriele Voss. Editing: Gabriele Voss. Music: Jörg Follert. Production: Corso Film Roelly Winker GbR. Producer: Erik Winker, Martin Roelly. Distribution: RFF Real Fiction Filmverleih e.K..

DOK.panorama 2020

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