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"I am very happy that in a culturally yet very rich city such as Munich, we have succeeded with in making the artistically narrative documentary film as an art and cultural treasure so well known in schools that every year a good 3,000 students from the city and around come to our cinemas to see the film and analyse it together."
Maya Reichert, head of is the year-round educational programme of Germany's largest documentary film festival DOK.fest München.'s offer is aimed at school classes and teachers as well as interested young people and families, all year round and during the festival in May.

Beside the work in film reception, film practice, training for teachers, presence workshops for school classes and an annual youth film competition, the heart of this programme is the "School for the Art of Seeing" which helds a good 50 school class workshops for three age groups in the cinema. Through the initiatives of with numerous cultural providers, TV institutions and schools, project manager Maya Reichert has built up a large qualitative network in which the artistically narrative documentary film is always at the centre.

All projects of combine media literacy and cultural education: Artistic documentaries tell real stories through cinematic images. They offer a wide range of approaches to encourage children and young people to observe closely, to see the art in filmmaking and to raise their awareness for different levels of truth and reality in cinematic storytelling.

Since March 2020 reaches out with an online version of the programme. The team developed – based on their longtime experience in film mediation – three one-hour online seminars within a flipped classroom model to replace the regular attendance seminars during the coronabased homeschooling situation. Pupils watch the curated films and learn in the moderated part how documentary films are made and how they work through film language and the reception of the spectators. Accompanying school material for the film seminar gives teachers the opportunity to follow up in the classroom or via homework. The online version in May 2020 was a huge success: over 300 teachers requested the seminar for their classes, and by the end of the festival in May almost 3,000 pupils had seen it.

As part of the DOK.fest online edition, has gained further online experiences with an online camera workshop for young people, two zoom teacher training courses and our online video seminars for school classes at home. The extremely positive feedback from teachers and pupils makes it clear to us that our online seminars were recognized as high-quality education and very popular.

We will keep you up to date here which programmes are part of the Munich International Documentary Film Festival and which take place all year round. Detailed information about can only be provided in German at the moment.

Take a look at the 2020 programme booklet.

Festival programme for schools

Schule des Sehens 2021

Die moderierten Online-Videoseminare für Schulklassen vermitteln anhand eines Kurzfilms ein erstes Verständnis für die Lesbarkeit von künstlerischen Filmerzählungen. Weiterlesen

School for the Art of Seeing 2021

The moderated digital teaching unit for school classes use a short film to provide an initial understanding of the readability of artistic film narratives. Here is an overview of the 2021 programme in German.

Live Q&As

Your school class in live conversation with the filmmakers: On Saturday 15 May, we invite you to a personal encounter in the digital space. More soon.


Lehrkräftefortbildungen bildet Lehrkräfte im Umgang mit dokumentarischem Filmerzählen weiter. Weiterlesen


Beyond frontal teaching and troubleshooting: In the film TEACHERS FOR LIFE we meet teachers with a passion. Online film premiere with panel discussion. More soon.

Accreditation for teachers

Teachers who are enrolled in a event or have undergone official film teacher training can purchase a discounted festival pass. More soon. programme booklet

Here you will find the current programme booklet of the 2021 programme from mid-April.

Festival programme for children, youth and families

Preisverleihung Jugendfilmwettbewerb

Herzliche Einladung an alle Filminteressierten zur Online-Preisverleihung im Rahmen des 36. DOK.fest München. und der BLLV e.V. präsentieren die Gewinner.innen des diesjährigen bayernweiten Jugendfilmwettbewerbs. Weiterlesen

YouTube Workshop with Ilka Knigge

How do I get my followers motivated about the topic of "climate change"? An online workshop with Ilka Knigge from the YouTube channel "PlanetB" of Bayerischer Rundfunk - register now! Read more in German.

Practical Workshop Camera

As part of the 36th DOK.fest München, freelance cameraman Martin Noweck from the Munich Media Centre offers an introduction to working with the camera. Read more in German.

DOK.4teens: Festival films from 14

The best films of the 36th DOK.fest München for young people aged 14 and over. We are preparing an exciting and moving programme for you. More soon.

Stories aus der Stadt: workshop & exhibition

Where to put all the digital content that we produce? In a week-long series of workshops, we develop an online platform with young people where they can showcase their photos, videos and texts away from social platforms. The results will be presented in an exhibition at DOK.fest München 2021. Read more in German.

Dokumentarfilmwettbewerb für junge Menschen

Du kannst mit der Kamera umgehen und hast etwas erlebt? Beim bayernweiten Filmwettbewerb für junge Menschen suchen wir kurze filmische Erzählungen, die uns das Leben zeigen. Jetzt bis zum 06. April 2021 einreichen! Weiterlesen


Year-round educational programme

Learning by Docs Europe

Understanding the history of Europe with documentaries: launches a new form of learning for young people. Read more


Cultural Conference Day For Schools With Film Of Your Choice

Film screening of a requested long documentary film by teachers (from the festival programme or the regular cinema programme), which is followed by a film talk. A collaboration together with City Kinos Munich, the University of Television and Film Munich and the Munich City Library Am Gasteig. Read more in Gernan


Film classes takes on the mentorship of school classes, film groups or P-seminars. Read more in German




Learn more about's goals and expertise. Read our Preamble for the Documentary Film School in English and more about our expertise, our partners and sponsors or our team in German.



Here is an overview of the events of recent years. Read more in German.


Here is an overview of all upcoming as well as past events of Read more in German.

Tips and Additional Links

You would like to learn more about filmmaking or try it yourself? Here is a list of other helpful websites. Read more in German.


Statement Of The Patron

Anton Biebl, Cultural Advisor of the City of Munich, on the 2020 programme for children and young people. Read more in German. Bavaria-wide

We cooperate with the ZWICKL in Schwandorf - Anne Schleicher and her team - thanks to the sponsors there - bring the documentary film school of into the country. Read more in German.



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