Teacher trainings

The DOK.education teacher training courses are interdisciplinary and recognised by the ALP Dillingen/FIBS and the Pedagogical Institute of the Department of Education and Sports of the City of Munich. Participation is free of charge and teachers receive a confirmation. Registration is always required.

You can register via the Pedagogical Institute via FIBS or at short notice via DOK.education / Maya Reichert at reichert@dokfest-muenchen.de. We are constantly updating our programme – feel free to sign up for the Newsletter.

Our teacher trainings are mostly held in German. Please switch to the German website to find our programme in German language.


Why documentary film in the classroom?

With stories from all over the world, documentary film conveys the connections between cultural and social perspectives. Like no other genre, the artistic documentary film offers many starting points to encourage children of all ages to develop a differentiated perception of their own media use. In this context, the documentary film in particular, which narrates events found in reality in an artistic way, holds great potential for the acquisition of film reading skills: How are images and sounds designed to bring us closer to a certain atmosphere? Is there any design at all in documentary films? Why are events of reality told in story form? And the special thing about DOK.education: we show the artistic narrative documentary, the arthouse genre of non-fictional storytelling, as distinct from reportage and documentary.




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