Our netiquette

Comment guidelines for the DOK.fest München social media channels

We are pleased when our contributions and topics inspire our users to discuss. We are very curious about your opinion and feedback. Basically, we welcome all feedback and attach great importance to the fact that each discussion participant can express themselves freely and no one is excluded. However, we must insist that contributions remain constructive and factual, even if there are differences in content.

Please adhere to the following discussion rules! We reserve the right to remove individual posts in case of violations and to exclude users from our channels in case of serious or repeated violations.

These are our rules:

  • Any form of discrimination or defamation of people or groups based on their origin, religious affiliation, nationality, physical condition, sexual identity, gender, income level or age will not be accepted.

  • Insulting, inciting, defamatory, pornographic, inflammatory, youth-endangering or even criminal statements will not be released, but hidden or removed.

  • We reserve the right to file a complaint if a criminal offense has been committed.

  • In general, refrain from commercial messages, election or party advertising, calls for demonstrations, campaigns and petitions. This also applies to so-called spam. Corresponding content will be removed.

  • Unprovable theories or unsubstantiated allegations and suspicions may also be removed, especially if they are defamatory or damaging to business.

  • Comments that have been generated automatically/machinely (especially bots) or are obviously part of a campaign (shitstorms) can also be removed or their senders blocked.