Online: Schule des Sehens 2024


With the online cinema, the film education programme enables school classes outside Munich to take a cultural trip to the film festival.

In the online cinema room, your school class meets real filmmakers and watches an age-appropriate film under supervision. Our accompanying material for schools ensures a lasting experience. After registration, every teacher can use our educational programme: in the classroom, in distance learning or as homework.

The free online cinema rooms are open from 19th of April until 31st of July 2024.

The educational programme of Schule des Sehens is only available in German language.

The films of Schule des Sehens 2024


The film for 7- to 12 year-olds
Bernadette Hauke, DE 2023, 15 min.

While diving, Freddy discovers a lot of rubbish in the Baltic Sea – a danger for marine animals. Together with diving professionals, the 12-year-old trains to retrieve abandoned fishing nets. Full commitment to protecting the environment!

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Hammoudis Traum – Els van Driel


The film for 11- to 16 year-olds
Huibert van Wijk, NL 2021, 15 min.

Sometimes Safiya wishes her life was a film. Her parents separated when she was little and the 12-year-old can only rarely see her father. But with her mother's new partner, she has a second father and even bonus siblings. Will there be a happy ending?

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The film for 15- to 20 year-olds
Mani Pham Bui, Hien Nguyen, DE 2022, 13 min.

Yen was born in Germany, her parents in Vietnam. Since studying in Norway, she understands how hard it is to build a new life in a foreign country with a different language. She learns to categorise her identity, her fears and also her strengths.

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More about the online-cinema & registration

Choose the right film for your class based on the short description and register for the Schule des Sehens.

After your registration, you will receive the educational material as well as your personal access to the password-protected online cinema room. There, your school class will find the documentary film (1), the video seminar (2), worksheets (3) and various fun facts on cinema, that will turn our trip to the online festival into a real adventure.

You can just watch the film or add corresponding lessons from the programme. The programme is suitable for either one to six lessons for classroom or distance learning.
The Schule des Sehens offers three modules per film:

  • Module 1 – „Film ab!" – online film screening (~25 min.)
  • Module 2 – „Blick hinter die Kulissen" – online video seminar with the filmmaker (~20 min.)
  • Module 3 – „Begleitmaterial & Arbeitsblätter" – educational material for the teacher


Register here for the online version of Schule des Sehens by


You would also like to go the cinema?

For school classes based in or close to Munich, the team offers school class workshops in the cinema on the three films during the festival period. Read more


Registration for the cinema workshops:


Sponsors & partners

"In our multimedia world, it is not always easy to distinguish between fiction and reality. This makes it all the more important to learn media literacy, as it enables us to categorise our experiences and participate in culture." Anton Biebl, cultural adviser of the city of Munich and patron of


The Schule des Sehens is an event of the International Documentary Film Festival Munich e.V. Sincere thanks are given to our partners und sponsors, who provide our students with cultural education, media competence training and participation at art and culture in this year.


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