Statement of the Patron

Anton Biebl, Head of Cultural Affairs of the City of Munich

Anton Biebl, Fotocredit: Tobias Hase
Anton Biebl, Fotocredit: Tobias Hase


In view of the many current crises, it is difficult to keep an eye on the challenges for the future of our coexistence. This makes it all the more important that the educational programme of Germanys largest documentary film festival promotes this debate and enables critical media education beyond pure consumption.

Schule des Sehens is showing three documentaries that will be discussed and analysed by school classes. Films with topics that could not be more relevant: pollution of the oceans, life in a patchwork family and reflection of ones own migrant identity.

With ALLES GEHÖRT ZU DIR, is bringing a film to Munich schools that talks about belonging and highlights the perspective of people with a migrant background. I am delighted that young people can develop a deeper understanding of the diversity of realities in our society through this film.

No without innovations: this year, in addition to HFF Munich and HP8 in Sendling, Pasinger Fabrik will also be offering the school class programme. I would like to thank everyone involved and wish every success!

Anton Biebl
Head of Cultural Affairs of the City of Munich



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