Unsere Philosophie

DOK.fest München annually presents over 150 socially relevant and artistically outstanding documentary films from all over the world. With 52,400 visitors, it is the largest documentary film festival in Germany.

We see documentary film as an art form that uses aesthetic means to negotiate essential values and thus invites dialogue on a social, personal and artistic level. As a festival, we are ...

Local and global

Due to its internationality, DOK.fest München brings together the most diverse world views, cultures and actors in Munich.
We believe in exchange through films and across borders.

History-conscious and future-oriented

Documentary films traditionally deal with our past and accompany upheavals in the course of time.
At the same time, they sharpen the view for current developments and tendencies.


DOK.fest München offers a programme for people of all ages. We want to promote the exchange between generations through shared experiences and strengthen a sense of community between young and old.


We want to address all people with our films, a central argument for a gender-conscious language.
At the same time, we attach great importance to a gender-balanced relationship between filmmakers.


A central part of our self-image concerns the careful handling of ecological and social resources.
This is why we work together with sustainable partners in all areas, from T-shirt printing to catering.
We are also committed to an appropriate wage policy with the DOK.art/fair label.