Our Philosophy

About who we are and what we want

DOK.fest München – At the cinema. At home.

Documentary film is the art of the hour.

We love cinema documentary films as an art form that uses cinematic aesthetics to negotiate all relevant values. In its thematic and creative diversity, documentary film is as artistically valuable as it is socially relevant and invites dialogue. The makers of the films are fundamentally curious and open and their films offer deep insights into the most diverse worlds; their films testify to great sensitivity, integrity and commitment. We see documentary film as the art form of the hour.

The DOK.fest München. A dual festival for everyone.

As the largest and most important festival for documentary films in Germany, it is our task to convey a relevant documentary film programme to a broad audience and make it accessible. Through the dual presentation in the public space on the screens of our venues and in private on the digital screen, we offer the greatest possible accessibility. Our ultimate goal is collective participation in our films and dialogue, both in Munich cinemas and at home. In addition, we offer the industry a comprehensive platform for discourse on all aspects of documentary filmmaking and for networking. In all our activities, we are committed to both filmmakers and our audience.

Diversity, sustainability and fairness as guiding principles.

We curate and organise the festival to be diverse in every respect, encompassing all aspects of diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities. We are committed to sustainability and fairness in all our activities for the preparation and realisation of the festival. This applies equally to the festival events and the administrative and organisational work in the team.


As a cultural organiser, employer and team, DOK.fest München is committed to the following principles:


Local and global

We live the exchange at eye level and across borders, in our films and in conversation with guests and audience.


History-conscious and future-oriented

Our programme deals with the past, accompanies upheavals in the course of time and takes a look into the future.



We offer programmes for audiences of all ages and consciously promote the exchange between the generations.



With our films we want to appeal to all people and reflect the diversity of our society.


Ecologically sustainable

We are committed to the goals of sustainability and work together with numerous certified partners. Read more



Our team is our most important resource. Because the well-being of our employees is close to our heart, we are committed to a fair employment and wage policy.


Analog and digital

The long documentary film is the centre of attention for us. We celebrate it on the big cinema screen as well as on the digital screen at home and are always looking for new ways to secure its future.