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ENDLICH TACHELES, Germany 2020, Jana Matthes and Andrea Schramm

Understanding the history of Europe with documentaries

Europe in moving images. With Learning By Docs Europe, DOK.education, the education programme of DOK.fest München, is launching a new learning experience: in a selected programme of documentaries, young people experience European realities of the 20th century. Together with two other European festivals, we thus support film and European education in the classroom across national borders.

Feature films and documentaries are already being used in class. In most cases, the focus is on conveying information about historical facts. In an extensive selection process, our team of history teachers and film experts has chosen artistically narrated documentaries that stand out from well-known documentary formats because of their unique narrative form. Films that bring personal stories behind the facts to life and leave hardly any student untouched.


Artistic narrative documentaries for the classroom

Learning By Docs Europe presents 25 international documentaries on historically relevant topics from last century's Europe. All films have been carefully curated and aligned with the curriculum. They can each be assigned to important historical events. The special feature: Here young people experience the history of Europe from an individual perspective: How does it feel to grow up as the grandson of a guest worker? And what are Hans-Joachim Kulenkampff's leather shoes hiding?

We offer teaching programmes for all types of schools suitable for the subjects of history, politics, ethics, social studies and also foreign languages. The films highlight topics such as the World War I, the "golden" 1920s, World War II, National Socialism and the Holocaust, the post-war period, the 1968 movement, emancipation and women's rights, civil resistance as well as terrorism, democracy and human rights. 
As the project is aimed at middle and high school teachers in Germany, Spain and Greece, both the films and the accompanying materials are available in German, Spanish, Catalan, Greek and English.

In addition to the full-length streamable films, participating teachers at Learning By Docs Europe work with thematically curated excerpts of the films as well as with accompanying educational material. With this combination, the platform provides school classes with a horizon-expanding and sustainable approach to classic classroom topics.  


Participate as a test school

Are you interested in participating in the development of this film platform for digital teaching material on the topic of "20th century history"? We are currently in exchange with various schools that are testing and evaluating our platform. And we are looking for more schools all over Germany with history, social studies and language teachers who want to use and evaluate our educational platform for one year free of charge. We look forward to hearing from you and are happy to answer any questions you may have. 


Cooperation partners and sponsors

Learning By Docs Europe is a collaborative project initiated by DocsBarcelona Educació, with Thessaloniki International Film Festival and DOK.education | DOK.fest München. Since January 2020, the Catalan pilot model "Learning By Docs" has been running in 10 schools in Catalonia. Based on the experience gained there, the cooperating partners are launching the multilingual platform Learning By Docs Europe for the school year 2021/22. The European education project is funded by MEDIA - Creative Europe.



DOK.education, Education programme of the International Documentary Film Festival Munich
Project coordination Learning By Docs Europe: Kathi Seemann, education@dokfest-muenchen.de



* Feel free to also explore our European festival network Doc Around Europe, initiated as part of the internationalisation of the International Documentary Film Festival Munich *


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