Teacher training: working with nextus in the classroom


Teaching with Documentary film with nextus at the municipal Anita-Augspurg Berufsoberschule München


With the school year 2021/22, the pilot project nextus started its test phase at 200 partner schools in Germany, Spain and Greece. The joint launch of the platform took place on 30 September 2021 at one of our partner schools, the municipal Anita-Augspurg Berufsoberschule in Munich. Since then, we have been working with secondary schools throughout Germany to professionalise the digital film education platform. You too can register as a partner school!


Individual training for teachers at our partner schools

  • Trainings on demand and appointments by arrangement with your colleagues, either on a Saturday morning from 10am–1pm or during the week from 5–8pm.
  • Format: Online via Zoom
  • Participation in the training is free of charge
  • Speakers: Kathi Seemann (Project Manager Film Education Platform nextus, DOK.education), Andreas Knorr (Film Teacher & Teacher of Education/Psychology, Politics and Society at the Anita-Augspurg BOS Munich)
  • Certification by DOK.education, educational programme of the International Documentary Film Festival Munich
  • Registration: education@dokfest-muenchen.de

The fostering of media literacy is – looking at the individual curricula of the different schools in Bavaria – a cross-cutting task of all school types in the competence-oriented curricula. Media education and digital literacy is anchored in all curricula as a central interdisciplinary educational goal.

The learning platform nextus offers teachers the opportunity to let students work with curated documentary films in an interactive way. The films can either complement their own subject lessons or deal with interdisciplinary topics. The documentary films help to make theoretical teaching content emotionally tangible through the example of actual individuals.

A great advantage of the platform is the possibility to take single clips from different films in order to create a topic-specific collection for one's own lessons. This also means that a familiarisation of the students with the genre of documentary storytelling is not a prerequisite for working with the platform. In case you want to work more deeply with the narrative specificity of this genre, the platform also offers the films in full length.

In individual training sessions at our partner schools, we would like to introduce all interested teachers to working with the platform. Our aim is to familiarise the teaching staff with the possibilities of nextus and to work out practically how they can use the platform in their individual lessons: Based on a topic of their choice, teachers develop one or more clip collections that they can use directly in their lessons.

Course of the three-hour training

Part 1: Welcome and introduction, approx. 45 min.

  • Short introduction to the platform nextus
  • Introduction to artistic documentary film as distinct from reportage using the example of the documentary film ENDLICH TACHELES

Part 2: Practical planning of an own teaching unit, approx. 2h

  • In the second part, working with the platform is shown on the basis of a specific curriculum content in the subject of social psychology (at Bavarian technical and vocational high schools): The students apply a previously learned concept of social psychology in individual selected film clips.
  • Planning a teaching sequence: Under guidance, teachers will compile documentary film clips into collections based on their desired teaching topic.
  • Conclusion: teachers briefly present their collections, room for questions and criticism

You are not yet registered with nextus? Then sign up here for a free trial or contact our DOK.education team.
All further information about the film education platform can be found here on our website.


Past teacher training:

Double lesson on climate change with documentary film

Sat, 2 July 2022
Speakers: Kathi Seemann (Project Manager Film Education Platform nextus, DOK.education) and Andreas Knorr (Film Teacher & Teacher of Education/Psychology, Politics and Society at the Anita-Augspurg BOS Munich)
Registration: education@dokfest-muenchen.de
Online via Zoom

Using three film clips from the documentary THERE ONCE WAS AN ISLAND, we will analyze how the causes of climate change are dealt with in the documentary and get to know the inhabitants of the affected island.

Four action steps will guide you through the lesson: analysis by watching the film excerpts, research on the topic, discussion in the group and becoming active yourself. The aim of the training is to provide you with a well-structured teaching unit that you can use to supplement your own teaching on the relevant topic of climate change. The training is led by Andreas Knorr, teacher for pedagogy/psychology, politics and society at the Anita-Augspurg BOS Munich and Kathi Seemann, project manager of nextus and employee at DOK.education.

The training is aimed at teachers nationwide who are interested in the film education platform nextus or who are testing it with us as a partner school. In relation to the curriculum at Bavarian schools, we recommend this teaching unit to Realschule teachers of the 7th–9th grade and Gymnasium teachers of the 10th grade from the subject areas biology, geography as well as politics and society. Participation in the training is free of charge and certified by DOK.education, the educational programme of the Munich International Documentary Film Festival.


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