Master's Pitch 2022

Initiated by Documentary Campus and DOK.fest München: an interactive format for training and collaboration

Master's Pitch

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Tell Us What You Need – What You Really Really Need

Not a word about C... or P…, but let’s be frank: we cannot pretend that we are back to normal, and nothing has changed. The documentary industry is hurting, and we rely more than ever on the Magic Triangle of independent creators, public funds, and broadcasters/platforms – collaborating financially and creatively to keep the power of documentary alive and kicking. But how do we keep the creative juices flowing? What do filmmakers and producers need to flourish? What do funders need to stay relevant? And what do broadcasters and platforms need to engage and enlighten audiences?

Along the lines of the well-known dictum, Never Waste a Good Crisis, it’s time for new visions, new initiatives, taking frank, realistic stock, but also grabbing and exploring the glimpses of opportunities the crisis also offered us.

It’s time to be authentically BOLD: what do we really need? But it’s also time to truly LISTEN, reflect and pool together, rather than proclaiming statements and fortifying our respective positions.

Let’s share our best practices, workable weaknesses, and learnable mistakes, envisioning the ultimate roadmap(s) from idea and intention to audience and impact.
In the interactive setting of the Masters’ Pitch, 9 new documentary projects heading into this transitioning market, will be presented to international commissioners and experts. Feedback is also sought from the audience, including producers, directors, distributors and representatives of major broadcasters. Our jury members will be in the spotlight as well to share their reflections and current needs in keynotes.

The event will be moderated by renowned documentary consultant Karolina Lidin (Nordisk Film & TV Fund).

In partnership with Documentary Campus

Documentary Campus is a non-profit organisation based in Munich. Through a combination of workshops, seminars, training programmes and industry events, the throughout Europe renowned professional training initiative supports budding filmmakers in developing their film projects and introduces them to the international standards and rules of the documentary film game by providing professionals and up-and-coming talents with the know-how, networking opportunities and contacts to find co-production partners and to help their documentaries succeed on an international scale.

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