Submission to Marketplace

Who can apply for Marketplace?

All experienced and emerging (documentary) filmmakers, authors, directors, producers and film composers are cordially invited to submit for the Marketplace (1 to 7 May 2024). Submitting filmmakers preferably should have realised at least one cinema or TV documentary film.

Students from our partner universities can apply for the DOK.talent Award.

Guest Region Marketplace 2024: The Balkans
We're looking for up to seven projects from the following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, North Macedonia, european Turkey, Slovenia, Romania, Moldova and Serbia.

What we are looking for

The Marketplace is looking for outstanding documentary film projects in various stages of development (project idea / early production stage / rough cut).

Our focus is on creative long documentary films, but we are also looking for TV formats, serial, web-based or VR-projects. The thematic orientation is open. What is important is the relevance of the story – both for possible co-productions within the German-speaking as well as within the international area – as well as the originality of the theme and the cinematic preparation.

Three endowed awards will be presented (for more information on – Award for New Narrative Formats, the award of Perspectives, please click here):

  • DOK.archive Award
    The funding award honours projects with a large proportion of archive material and thus strengthens a documentary genre rich in tradition. The winning project will receive British Pathé archive material worth 15,000 euros or, alternatively, 2,500 euros in cash. British Pathé is the award donor.
    Sumbission deadline: 15 January 2024 – The submission for the DOK.archive Award is now closed.
    Further information
  • DOK.composition Award
    In order to strengthen the artistic collaboration between filmmakers and composers, the best musical concept for a documentary film will be endowed with 2,500 euros. Sponsored by Sonoton Music.
    Sumbission deadline: 15 January 2024 – The submission for the DOK.composition Award is now closed.
    Further information
  • DOK.talent Award
    Students from our partner universities are invited to submit their current projects for the DOK.talent Award 2024: The pitch competition offers them the opportunity to present their current projects to editors, producers and distributors in a speed pitch as part of the Marketplace. The best student project, including the most convincing pitch, receives the award, which is endowed with 2,500 euros.
    Sumbission deadline: 19 February 2024 – The submission for the DOK.talent Award is now closed.
    Further information

How to apply, submission documents and submission deadline

Submissions for these competitions are made via the general submission for the Marketplace.

The project submission is done via our website.

  • If you are submitting a project for the first time and do not yet have a user account with us, please register here by creating an account.
  • If you already have an account, you can log in at our website at any time and submit a new project. In case you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one via our system.
  • To submit via the online form, select the module " Marketplace" under "Your account" after logging in. You can then use the button "Neues Projekt" (top right) to create a new marketplace project and start your submission. In the submission form you have the possibility to tick the respective competition.

Please have the following information ready for submission:

  • Short synopsis (50 to 400 characters)
  • Synopsis (50 to 1,500 characters)
  • Visual concept (50 to 800 characters)
  • Statement by the filmmaker (50 to 600 characters)
  • Goal or mission at the Marketplace (50 to 300 characters)
  • Link to the trailer
  • Link to three film stills
  • Link to video self-portrait
  • Biographies of director and producer (50 to 400 characters each)
  • Link to work samples

  • For submssions to the DOK.archive Award by British Pathé: concept for handling archive material
  • For submissions to the DOK.composition Award by Sonoton Music: compositional concept for a documentary film project

The prerequisite for marketplace registration is a meaningful application. Applications can be submitted in German and English. German projects that have been successfully accepted by the Marketplace must submit a project description in English for the international catalogue by the end of March.

Submission deadline for the DOK.archive Award, the DOK.composition Award and the Master's Pitch selection is 15 January 2024.

Submission deadline for projects from the Balkans is 29 January 2024.

Submission deadline for the DOK.talent Award is 19 February 2024.

Submission is free of charge.


Selection of film projects

A commission consisting of industry experts and the team selects the up to 45 best and for the Marketplace most promising projects from all submissions. Admitted applicants will receive feedback on their submission by the end of March 2024. The aim of the selection is to ensure the best possible matchmaking both for the marketplace participants and for the Marketplace experts. The selection team curates the individual projects and assigns them to the individual formats of Marketplace.

Participation fees

Fees are only charged for successful submissions. If your project is selected for this year's Marketplace (1 to 7 May 2024), you will pay a participation fee of 200,- euros per project. In case Marketplace cannot take place on location, the fee can be reduced. This fee is not charged for the BY+QC Doc CoPro guest delegation. Participants who do not pay their accreditation fee cannot be considered. Each project can be represented by a maximum of two team members at the Marketplace (except DOK.composition Award, for which the team, including the composer, can consist of three people).

The accreditation package for the Marketplace includes:

  • Individual matchmaking
  • Participation in or access to the Marketplace screenings
  • Master's Pitch and DOK.talent Award: pitch preparation
  • Catering during the events of the Marketplace
  • Technical support on site or online
  • Networking with the most important decision-makers within the market
  • Free access to all events 2024
  • Festival accreditation including access to all events and receptions of the DOK.fest München 2024 (including opening event in the Deutsches Theater)

We are looking forward to your submissions!



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