Argentina, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Spain 2022 – Director: Sebastián Alfie – Original language: Czech, English, Spanish – Subtitles: English, Spanish

Death takes a holiday. People can no longer die. But then the Hitler/Kaiser perishes. Together with the conductor Kerry Woodward, who is the custodian of this exceptional musical score, Sebastián Alfie reconstructs the complex and touching story of a chamber opera created amid inhumanity, which is compellingly topical. Simon Hauck

We present the international premiere of the film.


Production: Ángela Álvarez Rilla. Producer: Ángela Álvarez Rilla. Length: 77 min.

No youth rating


Sebastián Alfie

Born in Argentina, he studied film with his mentor José Antonio Martínez Suárez and took his first steps as an assistant director. He lives and works as a filmmaker, screenwriter and producer (for HBO Max, among others) in Buenos Aires.


DIEGO, El ULTIMO ADIOS, AR 2021, 89 min.
CIENTOUNO, ES 2020, 11 min. 
GABOR, ES/BO 2016, 69 min.

From Afro-Cuban big band jazz to choral sounds and musical rediscovery: delivers music for the eyes and ears. Presented by ARTE.


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  • Saturday
    Deutsches Theater Silbersaal
    English subtitles, Q&A with Sébastian Alfie (director) – live via Zoom
  • Thursday
    Deutsches Theater
    Original with English subtitles