Peru 2021 – Director: Héctor Gálvez – Original language: Spanish – Subtitles: English

The armed combat of the "Shining Path" began in Ayacucho, in the Peruvian Andes, and claimed around 70,000 victims. The innumerable stories of the people who were killed and disappeared remain largely unexplored. Filmmaker Hector Glavez travels with a theatre group through the villages and touches on suppressed memories and traumas. Samay Claro

We present the international premiere of the film.


English/Original Title: I’LL WAIT UNTIL THEY CALL MY NAME. Writer: Hector Galvez. Camera: Carlos Sánchez Giraldo. Sound: Willy Ilizarbe. Editing: Víctor Hugo Gámez Robledo. Production: Piedra Alada Producciones. Producer: Hector Galvez. Length: 78 min. International Sales: Habanero Film Sales. Distribution: Habanero Film Sales

No youth rating


Héctor Gálvez

Gálvez, born in Lima, co-directed the documentary LUCANAMARCA, which premiered at IDFA in 2008 and was shown at DOK.fest München 2009. PARAISO, his feature debut, premiered at the 2009 Venice Film Festival, as part of the Orizzonti section. It participated in over 40 film festivals around the world, winning numerous awards. NN, his second feature film, won the Best Director Award at the Festival in Cartagena.


LUCANAMARCA, PE 2009, 67 min.
PARAISO, PE 2009, 87 min. (feature film)
NN, PE 2014, 89 min. (feature film)


Nominated for the VIKTOR DOK.horizonte

The films in the DOK.horizonte series, supported by ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL with funds from the BMZ, tell stories from countries in transition. They compete for the award VIKTOR DOK.horizonte, which is endowed with 5,000 euros. The award donor is the Petra-Kelly-Foundation.



#The Art of Living: Art, Theater, Music, Dance, Literature, Photography #South America #Power of the People: Politics & Society #Looking back: Coping with the Past

DOK.horizonte Competition – Cinema of Urgency 2022
  • Thursday
    City 3
    Original with English subtitles, Q&A with Maricarmen Gutierrez (prod.)
  • Sunday
    Original with English subtitles, Q&A with Maricarmen Gutierrez (prod.)
  • Friday
    HFF - Kino 2
    Original with English subtitles, Q&A with Maricarmen Gutierrez (prod.)