Dänemark 2021 – Director: Cille Hannibal, Christine Hanberg – Original language: Danish – Subtitles: English

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"He was smaller than a milk carton," Peter's sister as co-director Christine recalls her mother's earliest stories about the premature baby's birth. Peter, now 30 years old, is autistic, can neither see nor hear. Every day he feels and explores in his own way. “Peter will find his place,” his ill mother declares convincingly. Even though there are no suitable provisions in Denmark for her deafblind son, she and her family care for him devotedly day in day out. A heartrending portrait of a courageous family in the struggle for a dignified life for their son: truly memorable. Simon Hauck


Production: Final Cut For Real. Producer: Monica Hellström. Length: 82 min.


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Cille Hannibal

The filmmaker and cinematographer first studied at the Danish School of Journalism before finishing her directing studies at the Danish Film Academy in 2013. Already her graduation film 2.7 successfully screened in competition at CPH:DOX.


HE'S MY BROTHER, DK 2021, 82 min.
THE NIGHT WE FELL, DK 2018, 54 min.
2.7, DK 2013, 29 min.


Winning film kinokino Audience Award 2021 – sponsored by BR and 3sat

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This film can be seen in our online film library DOK.fest @home Selection since June 2023: