Frankreich 2020 – Director: Hakim Atoui, Baptiste Etchegaray – Original language: French – Subtitles: English, None – Length: 70 min.

On our online platform for the artistic feature-length documentary film you will find a new film released every month. You can view the other selections here in the overview. Starting 1 November, LA PREMIÈRE MARCHE is available to you for a fee of 5.00 euros.


LGBTQIA+ Pride in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis? It’s inconceivable for some but four charismatic students are determined to stick to their plan. Ultimately, they are convinced that the scene has its place in the banlieue. Queer, angry and revolutionary!



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Hakim Atoui

Atoui was born in Annaba, Algeria, and works as a director and producer. After studying business administration and working for Warner, Studiocanal and Disney, he founded his production company KimoFilms in 2017. LA PREMIÈRE MARCHE is his first documentary film.

Baptiste Etchegaray

Etchegaray was born in Paris and studied political science and journalism. He worked as a cultural journalist for France Inter, Arte and Canal+ and wrote a biography on the French media maker Jean-François Bizot. LA PREMIÈRE MARCHE is his first documentary film.


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The thematic series follows empowerment movements around the world: from feminist protest to queer pride to climate action. Six films, one call: Empower yourselves!


Writer: Hakim Atoui & Baptiste Etchegaray. Camera: Hakim Atoui & Baptiste Etchegaray. Sound: Hakim Atoui & Baptiste Etchegaray. Editing: Hakim Atoui, Baptiste Etchegaray, Outplay Films. Music: Hakim Atoui & Baptiste Etchegaray. Production: KIMO FILMS. Producer: Hakim Atoui. International Sales: Outplay Films