Germany 2021 – Director: Rebecca Zehr – Original language: English, German – Subtitles: English, German

Can you hear images? Or see sound? Is it possible to be open without losing yourself? Or walk your own path without denying your roots? Marja Burchhard, the new leader of the musical collective Embryo, searches to find her own sound. A filmic work of art – like it were being played on an instrument – that improvises and experiments with image and sound. Ysabel Fantou


Camera: Felix Press. Sound: Rebecca Zehr. Editing: Melanie Jilg. Music: Marja Burchard. Production: taro films in Kooperation mit der Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München. Producer: Rebecca Zehr, Katharina Rabl. Length: 52 min.

No youth rating


Rebecca Zehr

The German director first studied cultural anthropology, religious studies and psychology in Munich. Since 2016, she has been studying documentary film directing at the University of Television and Film Munich. Her films have won awards.


A SOUND OF MY OWN, DE 2021, 52. min.
DEAD SEA DYING (co-directed with Katharina Rabl), DE 2019, 29 min.
EPITHESE, DE 2017, 9 min.




Munich Premieres

Munich is the home of the filmmakers whose works are gathered together in the Munich Premieres. But time and again, the view extends far beyond the city limits. 


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Munich Premieres 2022
  • Friday
    Rio 1
    Original with English subtitles
  • Saturday
    Bellevue di Monaco
    Original with English subtitles
  • Wednesday
    HFF - Kino 1
    Original with Engl. subtitles, Q&A with Rebecca Zehr (Dir.), Melanie Jilg (Ed.)