Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Syrian Arab Republic 2023 – Director: Lina N.N. – Original language: Arabic, English – Subtitles: English

March 2011: The promises of the Arab Spring take hold of Syria. In Damascus, thousands demonstrate and demand the fall of the regime. Among them is the journalist Lina with her camera, who, together with a group of young people, initially reports on the events on video platforms full of hope. But soon hope gives way to fear of the state's brutal methods of repression. Reporting on the civil war becomes a form of non-violent resistance for the group. By changing identities, Lina is able to evade arrest and torture again and again. For more than 10 years, she struggles to survive and to continue reporting, until finally, for Lina too, the question arises as to whether this struggle will ever end. Pablo Bücheler


Writer: Lina, Diana El Jeiroudi. Camera: Lina. Editing: Diana El Jeiroudi, Barbara Toennieshen. Production: No Nation Films. Producer: Diana El Jeiroudi, Orwa Nyrabia. Length: 95 min. International Sales: Deckert Distribution


Lina was born in Damascus and works as a filmmaker, cinematographer and video journalist. Her first short documentary, LETTERS TO S, premiered at IDFA. 5 SEASONS OF REVOLUTION is her feature-length debut, on which she worked undercover for 10 years.


LETTERS TO S., CH/SYR 2015, 12 min.


This film contains explicit depictions of (sexualised) violence.


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