VFF Documentary Film Production Award 2022:

The Nominees

Berlin Bytch Love
BERLIN BYTCH LOVE, 2021, Heiko Aufdermauer and Johannes Girke

The process of making a documentary film is particularly difficult to plan and often involves great uncertainty. Yet time and again producers demonstrate great courage and show special creativity and commitment in project development and film financing. With the presentation of the VFF Documentary Film Production Award at DOK.fest München, we honour the passionate commitment and the role of producers in the development of current cinema documentary projects.

The award is sponsored by the VFF Verwertungsgesellschaft der Film und Fernsehproduzenten mbH and is endowed with 7,500 euros. The award is the first in Germany to focus on the work of documentary film producers. In 2022 it will be awarded for the fifth time at DOK.fest München.


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The Nominees


Germany/Iran/USA 2021, Sarvnaz Alambeigi, 80 min.
Producers: Stefan Tolz (Filmpunkt GmbH) and Sarvnaz Alambeigi (Rabison Film)

In Iran, dancing is forbidden – but some young people in Tehran are trying to teach themselves how to do it behind closed doors. They know hardly anything about the history of Iranian dance before the Revolution. Sarvnaz Alambeigi has discovered some rare film footage of the National Ballet from back then. How can someone bring together the old and the new generations of dance?


AMONG US WOMEN (በኛ በሴቶች መካከል)
Germany/Ethiopia 2021, Sarah Noa Bozenhardt and Daniel Abate Tilahun, 93 min.
Producer: Sonja Kilbertus (Evolution Film UG)

A portrait of Ethiopian obstetrics in transition. Despite the possibility of giving birth in a hospital, Huluager Endeshaw opts for a home birth for her fourth child. This is a brave step since patriarchal structures still hold power. Intimately and with great empathy, the film depicts the significance of female community.


Germany 2021, Heiko Aufdermauer and Johannes Girke, 86 min.
Producers: Heiko Aufdermauer and Johannes Girke (SILENTFILM Filmproduktion)

Sophie and Dominik’s love story takes place on the streets. The two young people sleep in doorways, roam around Berlin and hang out with friends. But a shadow looms over them: Dominik faces a prison sentence. When Sophie falls pregnant, the couple long for their own place to live. Epic and incredibly intimate without passing judgement.


South Africa/Germany/France 2022, Lena Karbe, 81 min.
Producers: Lena Karbe and Jan Vasak (Karbe Film GmbH)

Casting off traditional roles to take up the fight against poaching. The BLACK MAMBAS are an all-women group that protects endangered species from illegal hunting in Kruger National Park, South Africa. For them, the job represents self-determination and strength and the uncompromising desire to conserve their country’s fauna – but how far can their emancipation actually succeed?


DEAR MEMORIES – A Journey With Magnum-Photographer Thomas Hoepker
Germany/Switzerland 2021, Nahuel Lopez, 95 min. 
Producers: Nahuel Lopez, Katrin Renz and Stefan Jäger (GRANVISTA Media GmbH)

Resignation? – Never. As long as Thomas Hoepker has a camera in his hand and his wife at his side, the famous German Magnum photographer remains in good spirits despite his slowly advancing dementia. He still has one big dream to fulfil; one last picture story to tell! A poignant journey that takes us across the USA and into the heart of a major artist.


Germany 2022, Tine Kugler, Günther Kurth, 98 min.
Producers: Tine Kugler and Günther Kurth (KMOTO Medienproduktion GmbH)

Kalle wants to achieve something. He doesn’t want to be “a ghetto kid, a kid who just messes up and takes drugs…” But life does not treat him kindly. Convicted of assault at the age of 16 – this changes everything. The film follows Kalle through the trials and tribulations of his adolescence, observing him over a period of 10 years.


Germany 2022, Cem Kaya, 96 min.
Producers: Florian Schewe and Stefan Kauertz (Film Five), Mehmet Akif Büyükatalay and Claus Reichel (filmfaust) 

When the Turkish guest workers arrived in Germany, a diverse music culture developed, completely unnoticed outside of the Turkish community, with its own stars, record labels and hit songs that reflected the difficult arrival in Germany. A dense and meticulously researched film essay. A revelation.


Germany 2021, Andreas Wilcke, 94 min.
Producer: Andreas Wilcke (wilckefilms)

Over a period of three years, the film accompanies four AfD members of Parliament in their work. We see them forging strategies, writing texts and in contact with citizens. VOLKSVERTRETER offers us an accurate and close look at their work processes and leaves the classification and judgement of their political actions up to us as an audience.


Jury VFF Documentary Film Production Award 2022

We are pleased to introduce the jury that will select the winner of the VFF Documentary Film Production Award 2022.