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Welcome to the 39th DOK.fest München!


As always, DOK.fest München opens up a view of the world: with 109 of the best international documentary films from 51 countries that tell a multi-layered and comprehensive story about the world we live in. With top-class competitions, numerous thematic specials and intensive film discussions, the festival programme brings together the highlights of current documentary filmmaking in all its themes and forms – from major film premieres to international discoveries. Our aim is to ensure the greatest possible participation in our films, which is why we bring them to the big screen in Munich cinemas and cultural venues as well as to home screens throughout Germany as barrier-free as possible: DOK.fest München stays dual!


Festival director Daniel Sponsel on the 39th festival edition:

The success of democracy as a social system is based on the idea of it not only considering the interests of individuals but also arbitrating between the interests of many, even those who wish to use democracy’s permeability to cause lasting damage to it. How will the upcoming European and German regional elections turn out? How well fortified is our democracy vis-à-vis the concrete attacks of its opponents from within? With our DOK.focus DEMOCRAZY section, we dedicate ourselves to this current and significant topic and its underlying questions.

The debates on migration and asylum policy are being held controversial. However, the spokespeople on all political sides have one thing in common: they negotiate the fate of people who have had to leave their homeland, give up their livelihood and leave behind friends and family from an extremely comfortable situation. Our Filmmaking in Exile series uses five films to convey in an emotional way just how important the fundamental right to asylum is.

Our society is also on the move because of the significant changes caused by rapid technological developments. Our opening film bears witness to widespread digitalisation: in WATCHING YOU – THE WORLD OF PALANTIR AND ALEX KARP it appears that dream of the “Big Brother” who accompanies us at every turn and wants to know everything about us has come true.

The good news: this text is 100% free of artificial intelligence and the films of DOK.fest München paint a vital picture of our society and its cultures. We wish you an inspiring time. EYES WIDE OPEN.“


Further thematic focuses and series

This year's Homage is dedicated to the directing duo Petra Lataster-Czisch and Peter Lataster, while the African Encounters section of Africa focuses on African documentary films and debates on film aesthetics and social debates – this year under the thematic umbrella This is my moment: Decolonize now!

As every year, the Student Award presents outstanding documentary films by students from German-speaking film schools. At the, the industry meets to discuss the perspective of documentary storytelling. For children, young people and schools, offers its own film programme with media education workshops.


The festival in figures

Over 20 festival days we present 28 world premieres, 10 international premieres and 45 German premieres.

We value transparency and provide an insight into the gender distribution of directors in the planned festival programme: 47.45 percent of filmmakers are female, 0.84 percent identify as diverse. At 51.69 percent, male directors are still only slightly in the majority. Documentary film in particular is a seismograph and mirror of social change. We are pleased that we can present diversity in every respect and that the times are over when film festivals primarily screened films by male directors and only this view of the world was represented, says the festival direction.

We are heading in the right direction and we are working hard to continue to improve. And one thing is certain: there is still a lot to be done in our industry as well as socially and politically!


1 to 12 May 2023 at our Munich venues
6 to 20 May 2023 @home

Advance booking and tickets

Ticket options and prices:

  • Single ticket cinema / online: 10,00 / 5,00 euros
  • Reduced ticket cinema (box office and on-site sales only): 8,00 euros
  • Festival pass cinema / online: 75,00 / 50,00 euros
  • Festival pass dual: 90,00 euros

With the festival pass you get access to all films and events (except the opening). It is only valid in combination with a ticket.


Students, pensioners and people with severe disabilities are eligible for discounts.

In addition: Munich residents with low income can register as KulturGast at KulturRaum München e.V. to receive free tickets.



Our accreditation is open!

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