Canada 2020 – Director: Kim O'Bomsawin, Andrée-Anne Frenette – Original language: French, Inuvialuktun – Subtitles: English – Length: 78 min.

Joséphine Bacon is the poet of the Innu, an indigenous people from Quebec. She looks back at her life and returns to the land of her ancestors. A film about a custodian of words who is deeply connected to her past and to her breathtakingly beautiful homeland.

We present the German Premiere of the film.

No youth rating


Kim O'Bomsawin

The Canadian indigenous filmmaker and human rights activist from the Abenaki First Nation deals with indigenous issues in Canada and the USA. She studied sociology and works as a documentary film director and writer.


CALL ME HUMAN, CA 2020, 78 min.
QUIET KILLING, CA 2018, 76 min.

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English/Original Title: CALL ME HUMAN. Writer: Kim O'Bomsawin. Camera: Hugo Gendron, Michel Valiquette. Sound: Lynne Trépanier, Luc Raymond. Editing: Alexandre Lachance. Music: Alain Auger. Production: Terre Innue. Producer: Andrée-Anne Frenette. International Sales: Producer. Distribution: Producer

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