Germany 2022 – Director: Jona Salcher – Original language: Polish – Subtitles: English, German

Hands toiling deep down in the darkness of the mine, strange echoing sounds from the belly of the earth; a furrowed industrial landscape – hard coal feeds the region around the Silesian city of Katowice with its energy. "Energia" feels its way towards a sense of an uncertain future. Has energy already gained control over people's lives?


Sound: Hilarija Locmele. Production: Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen München. Producer: HFF. Length: 27 min.

No youth rating


This film will be shown as part of the public perspectives event Close-up Poland, which presents five short films by students of the television journalism department of the HFF Munich.


Close-up: Poland

In 5 close-ups we show Polish realities, from the struggle for freedom of expression and women's rights to the situation in the Upper Silesian coalfield, refugee policy and the resurgence of Judaism.


In cooperation with HFF München – Division: Television Journalism



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Close-up: Poland 2022