Switzerland 2020 – Director: Jonas Schaffter – Original language: Swiss German, Turkish – Subtitles: English

By nationality they are Turkish but they see themselves as Swiss. After they are deported three men must find their bearings in a land that does not feel like their home. An expertly filmed and edited, multi-layered portrait.

We present the Inernational Premiere of the film.

No youth rating


Writer: Jonas Schaffter. Camera: Simon Denzler. Editing: Roland von Tessin, Selin Dettwiler. Music: Thomas Jeker. Production: soap factory GmbH. Producer: Frank Matter. Length: 83 min.


Jonas Schaffter

The Swiss director was born near Solothurn in Switzerland. After studying art in Basel, he studied "Photography" in Istanbul at the Mimar Sinan University. In 2016, he completed his Master in Documentary Film at the Zurich University of the Arts with the film ARADA.


ARADA, CH 2020, 83 min.
CLARAMATTE - SPRING 2013, CH 17 min.

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Intense stories and unusual things about our homeland: The competition presents films that deal with people and topics in the German-speaking countries. The VIKTOR DOK.deutsch is endowed with 5,000 euros.


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