Polen 2021 – Director: Tomasz Wolski – Original with English subtitles

16 hours of telephone recordings from the centre of power, the government’s crisis team in Warsaw, 1970, responsible for the brutally repressed protests against food price increases, were discovered through research carried out by the director Tomasz Wolski. A highly topical puppet show, artistically transformed into a drama that will make your hair stand on end. Elena Álvarez Lutz

We present the German premiere of the film.


Writer: Tomasz Wolski. Sound: Marcin Lenarczyk. Editing: Tomasz Wolski. Music: Bartlomiej Tycinski, DJ Lenar. Production: Kijora Film. Producer: Anna Gawlita, Co-producers: Polish Television, Institute of National Remembrance. Length: 70 min. International Sales: Square Eyes.

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  • Sunday
  • 20:30
  • City 2