DOK.fest Award of the SOS-Kinderdörfer weltweit 2024:

The Nominees



The DOK.fest Prize of the SOS-Kinderdörfer weltweit is donated by B.O.A. Video film art
and is endowed with 3,000 euros. It creates attention for films that make the perspective of
children and young people visible in a special way.

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The Nominees

Belgium, France 2024, Alexis Pazoumian, 80 min.

The enemy military is less than two kilometers away as two boys leaf through the notebooks covering the floor of the destroyed classroom. The film shows the urgency of life in Nagorno-Karabakh, where parents photograph their children with an AK-47. The war determines the past, present and future of the villagers, whose identity is characterised by the struggle for their homeland.


France, Croatia, Hungary 2024, Bálint Révész, Dávid Mikulán, 90 Min.

„It might look like we’re just playing. But this is no game, it is dead serious.“ Wie viel Wahrheit in dieser Aussage von Sanyi steckt ahnt niemand, als Dávid Mikulán beginnt, den Jungen für die nächsten 10 Jahre zu begleiten. Mit seinen Freunden entflieht er in den Straßen Budapests der engen Wohnung, in der sich die ganze Familie ein Schlafzimmer teilt und die kaum Platz zum Atmen lässt


Deutschland, Polen 2024, Agnieszka Zwiefka, 84 min.

In 2021, 16-year-old Kurdish girl Runa and her family are among thousands of refugees who are trapped in a forest between Belarus and Poland on their way to Europe after being cruelly turned away at the border fence. After 18 days in the freezing cold and the death of her mother, the girl has to take responsibility for her family.


Slovakia, Czech Republic 2023, Roman Ďuriš, 82 min.

Dalibor only wants the best for his two little brothers who still live at home: one with his exhausted mother, the other with his still violent father. After his imprisonment, Dalibor stands by his family in the custody battle and gradually learns to deal with his own pain: He becomes a fakir.


Award winning film:

Norway 2024, Silje Evensmo Jacobsen, 83 min.

Norwegian photographer Maria Gros Vatne and her husband Nik decide to lead a life close to nature with their four children. However, the idyll comes to an abrupt end: After Maria's tragic death, the family has to rethink their lifelong dream and find their way back into modern society.


Jury DOK.fest Award of SOS-Kinderdörfer weltweit 2024

We are pleased to introduce the jury that will select the winner of the DOK.fest Award of SOS-Kinderdörfer weltweit 2024.


The film at the festival

The award winner A NEW KIND OF WILDERNESS and some of the other nominated films will be screened at the 39th DOK.fest München from 1 to 20 May 2024:

1 to 12 May 2024 at the Munich venues
6 to 20 May 2024 @home

The SOS Children’s Villages Worldwide Prize will be awarded on May 11th, 7:30 pm at Amerikahaus. On May 12th at 6 pm SOS Kinderdörfer weltweit invites to a film screening on the occasion of the award ceremony at