Germany 2012 – Director: August Pflugfelder – Original language: German

A quiet, essay-like journey into the expansive world of the winter sport industry. What happens behind the lifts, the snow cannons and the heated outdoor pools? What happens beyond the pistes during the summer and wintertime? This is a calm observational piece that raises questions without making evaluations. Instead of finger wagging, the film leaves it up to us to contemplate the natural mountain resources that we have appropriated and our responsibility towards them. Impressive, with bold images, silent and inquiring. Adele Kohout

Writer: August Pflugfelder. Camera: August Pflugfelder, Magdalena Hutter, Kaspar Kaven, Anna Brass. Sound: Gunnar Voigt. Editing: Ulrike Tortora, Robert Vakily. Music: Sebastian R. Fischer. Production: Walker+Worm Film. Producer: Philipp Worm, Tobias Walker. Length: 75 min.

Munich Premieres 2012
  • Thursday
    Atelier 1
    German original version
  • Friday
    Katholische Akademie
    German original version