Hungary 2022 – Director: Erika Kapronczai – Original language: English, French, German, Hungarian – Subtitles: English

Kim Corbisier was an enigmatic figure in Budapest. Ten years ago the director Erika Kapronczai approached her to make a short film but gave up on this idea when she had spent some time with Kim to instead document her battle against methadone addiction. When Kim committed suicide at the age of 27, she left behind a small but exquisite body of work.Dayela Valenzuela

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Writer: Erika Kapronczai. Camera: Krisztián Pamuki. Editing: Viktor Pacsorasz. Music: Kata Kozma. Production: kArton Productions. Producer: Péter Kozma. Length: 86 min.


Erika Kapronczai

The Hungarian filmmaker studied aesthetics at the University of Pécs, and film directing at the University of Theater and Film Arts. She is co-founder and creative producer of the audiovisual dream collection DREAMPIRE. She makes short films, documentaries and portraits.


A SAJDIK, 2020, 54 min. (portrait)
THREESOME - MEANWHILE IN BUDAPEST, 2013, 27 min. (episode of an antology film)
WELL UNDER THE SUN, 2010, 23 min. (short film)


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DOK.panorama 2023
  • Tuesday
    HFF - Kino 2
    Original with English subtitles (Q&A with director Erika Kapronczai)
  • Wednesday
    Gasteig HP8 Projektor
    Original with English subtitles (Q&A with director Erika Kapronczai)