South Korea 2015 – Director: Im Heung-soon – Original language: Korean – Subtitles: English

Clothes, shoes, smartphones... We want them cheap and we can never get enough. The director, Im Heung-soon, creates a kaleidoscope of abysmal working conditions. On the other side of the world sit the working women who live from the money that we will barely pay. High time for a change.

English/Original Title: UI-RO-GONG-DAN. Camera: Sun-young Lee. Editing: Hak-min Lee. Music: Taewon Lee. Production: Bandal Doc.. Producer: Min-kyung Kim. Length: 95 min. International Sales: DOCAIR

#Politics and Society #Women's rights #Asia

DOK.panorama 2016
  • Saturday
    Carl-Amery-Saal, Gasteig
    English subtitles