DOK.fest @home Selection

The online film library of DOK.fest München

Since November 2022 you can find a new film every month in our online film library for the artistic feature-length documentary. In this way, we offer you a curated selection and bring relevant and outstanding international documentaries home to your digital screen, even outside of the festival period.

As with the festival, the aim is to thematically represent the great diversity of our society, always with the aim of giving a stage to high quality documentary filmmaking and powerful stories.
At the end of the month, with the release of each new film, the previous film of the month will be made permanently available in our film library. Be curious about the further films!


  • The films are available throughout Germany.
  • The fee for each film is 5,00 Euro.
  • From the first start of the film, it is available for 48 hours. By "the first start" is meant the click on "PLAY".
  • For questions regarding ticket purchase, our helpdesk as well as technical implementation, please refer to our FAQs.

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