German Composition Funding Award

Sponsored by Sonoton Music

So far there are few projects that financially support filmmakers and composers in the joint development of documentary film music. In order to strengthen this artistic cooperation and promote contemporary compositions, the Marketplace, together with Sonoton Music, is awarding a 2,500 euro prize for documentary film and composition.

The grants are awarded to a.n composer.n from the German-speaking region (D / A / I / CH / LU) who develops the film music for a narrative artistic documentary film in the making. The aim is to promote the arrangement of the composition and the recording of the music for this project.

A team consisting of composer and filmmaker can apply.

The pre-selection will take place within the Marketplace. The pre-selection jury consists of a five-member interdisciplinary committee consisting of composers, producers, editors and other creative artists.

Up to five projects will be presented as part of a closed event at the festival in May 2019. The invited teams will have the opportunity to present their projects to a panel of experts. At the end of the day, the selection committee decides in a closed meeting who will receive the funding.

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Reviwe: German Composition Funding Award 2019 for MAU KE MANA – OR: WHERE ARE YOU GOING? by Max Guasepohl

Max Sänger, Regisseur von MAU KE MANA – OR: WHERE ARE YOU GOING? und Juror Alexander Kukelka

2019's German Composition Funding Award goes to Max Gausepohl for the composition project for MAU KE MANA - OR: WHERE ARE YOU GOING? directed by Max Sänger.

"Between Max Sänger and Max Gausepohl we feel a strong artistic force with which they embark on a courageous journey to Papua New Guinea," the jury said in their statement. "In the microcosm of the rainforest, director and composer search for the 'sound of wood' in all its facets and immerse themselves in the unbelievable space of experience of the woodcutters living there. The driving force behind this project lies in the abolition of the boundaries between the material and the immaterial, between sound design and music, between economy and myth, and finally between the documentary and the fictional. We see great potential in the interaction of direction and composition and are embarking on this promising journey."

The nominated projects 2019


Antonia Goldhammer, Journalist
Alexander Kukelka, Composer, Conductor, Pianist, Author, Director, Musix Supervisor
Prof. Dr. Frizz Lauterbach, Editor, Professor at the Hoschule für Musik und Theater Munich
Ulrich Reuter, Composer
Nicole Vögele, Director


Sina Weber, Marketplace


Review: German Composition Funding Award 2018 for GO BACK! by Florian Erlbeck

left: Award winner German Composition Funding Award Florian Erlbeck

The jury would like to support the project GO BACK! with the Composition Funding Award 2018 to work on an especially socio-politically relevant topic. It is about the portrait of a Bulgarian right-wing populist and his ambivalent self-image. The composer Florian Erlbeck does not want to manipulate with his composition, but rather create an open score in interaction with the filmic narrative, which should challenge the viewer to find his own position. (from the jury statement)