DOK.fest München @home 2020

DOK.fest München 2020 takes place as an online festival

Due to the corona crisis and all the official requirements, we feel compelled not to let the 35th edition of the DOK.fest München (6 to 24 May) take place in the usual form. A postponement of the festival is not possible. Neither the international festival calendar nor the regional cultural calendar offers a suitable time window for this, and the additional costs would exceed the festival's budget. After examining all possibilities and consulting with our sponsors, the representatives of the Free State of Bavaria and the City of Munich, we have therefore decided to let the festival take place online: as DOK.fest München @home 2020.

Daniel Sponsel, festival director: "A festival lives from the cinema experience on the big screen and from intercultural exchange, from personal encounters on site. These aspects is irreplaceable for the edition 2020. But with the online festival we want to send a signal that culture is an important aspect of our social exchange and cohesion and that it must continue to take place, even if in a different form. It is now widespread to watch films online, and we can assume that this also applies to our audience to a large extent. For us as a team, the exciting challenge is that an online festival must offer more than just a streaming service. We should not only provide films, but also a programme structure and an attractive supporting programme, thus creating a virtual festival feeling. That is what it will be all about, that is our task. We have already received numerous commitments from the rights holders of the films that should be shown regularly at the festival: They will also be present at DOK.fest München @home 2020. I have the feeling that the industry is now moving even closer together. Above all, we would like to thank our two important sponsors, the Bavarian Ministry of Digital Affairs and the Department of Culture of the City of Munich, for their solidarity and support in this new direction."

Judith Gerlach, Bavarian State Minister for Digital Affairs: "DOK.fest München will take place this year as a digital festival. The corona pandemic forces us to break new ground. The personal meeting, the community experience cannot be replaced in this way. But digitalisation enables us to hold the festival anyway. But we can use the special circumstances this year to gain experience. In the coming years, we will be able to make DOK.fest München even more attractive and modern with additional digital services, and thus tap into new groups of viewers. I would like to thank all those involved for their willingness to respond to this challenge".

Anton Biebl, Cultural Affairs Officer of the City of Munich: "I am pleased about the pragmatic and creative way in which DOK.fest München has dealt with the current situation caused by the corona virus. For art and culture is an important source of strength for people in and after such times".

The team at DOK.fest München is currently working flat out to put together an attractive digital programme by the beginning of May. Be curious!