Accreditation Professionals

Welcome to the Professionals area of DOK.fest München 2021 @home! Here you will find information on accreditation and can submit your accreditation application.

This year we are offering a sector accreditation for professionals for 50 euros. This accreditation is not geo-blocked and allows you access to the entire film programme of DOK.fest München as well as to the programme of Perspectives.

In addition, there is the possibility to be accredited free of charge and exclusively for the Perspectives programme. If you would like to attend the Perspectives programme live, please also register directly for the respective events.


Accreditation form

To apply for accreditation, please log in here or register and complete the accreditation application form stored in your account under "My Account" by 30 April.

Please note the option to choose between two variants of the Professionals accreditation:

  • Professionals including film programme (the entire film programme of DOK.fest München and the industry programme of Perspectives)
  • Professionals without film programme (free accreditation exclusively for the industry programme of Perspectives)

and indicate your choice in your accreditation application. After your accreditation application has been checked, you will receive a confirmation email.

If you have any questions about accreditation, please contact Veronica Loebner: The frequently asked questions (FAQs) may also be helpful, especially with regard to watching films as an accredited guest.


We look forward to welcoming you!


Press accreditation

You are a journalist and would like to be accredited for the festival?
Please contact us: