Colombia 2019 – Director: Simón Uribe – Original language: Spanish – Subtitles: English

An attraction for tourists and the suicidal: in the middle of the jungle in the hills of Colombia lies an unfinished cement bridge. It is the bizarre remnant of a highway project that was abruptly abandoned. The absurd meets disillusion as nature suddenly rebels against humanity. 


English/Original Title: SUSPENSION. Writer: Joaquín Uribe, Simón Uribe. Camera: Andrés Hilarión. Sound: Juan Pablo Patiño. Editing: Mateo Rudas, Gustavo Vasco. Music: Fredy Vallejos, Juan Manuel Toro, Mateo Barrios. Production: Tempestarii, Viceversa Cine. Producer: Joaquín Uribe. Length: 73 min. International Sales: Icarus Films.



Simón Uribe is a Colombian geographer, professor and researcher. Parallel to his academic career he made short films as a director. SUSPENSIÓN is his first feature-length documentary film.


For VIKTOR DOK.horizonte (worth 5,000 Euros, sponsored by Petra-Kelly-Stiftung)


#System critics and new visions #Latin America


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