Italy, Turkey 2019 – Director: Rûken Tekeş – Original language: Kurdish – Subtitles: English – Length: 81 min.

A dam is going to be built on the Tigris, which will lead to the disappearance of one of the world’s oldest cultural landscapes. The filmmaker captures it one more time: the beauty and breadth of the nature, the animals and the people that still occupy it.

We present the German premiere of the film at DOK.fest München 2020 @home.




Rûken Tekeş worked as a human rights expert for the UN and as a lecturer for several years. Since 2015 she has been working as a filmmaker and takes up the topics of environmental protection and human rights in her work. AETHER is her first feature-length documentary film.


Writer: Rûken Tekeş. Camera: Ute Freund, Deniz Eyuboglu Aydin, Merle Jothe, Andres Lizana Prado. Sound: Roberta D'Angelo. Editing: Marco Spoletini, Rûken Tekeş. Music: Diler Ozer, Metehan Dada. Production: Sarya Films Collective. Producer: Billur Arikan, Gabriele Oricchio, Rûken Tekeş. International Sales: Sarya Films.

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