Documentary Film Competition for Young People 2022

with prizes donated by the Bavarian Teachers' Association BLLV e.V.

Youth film competition 2022

You can handle the camera and have experienced something? Then tell us a story from your life! What is important to you? What is happening with you, what is happening with your friends? Do you have the courage and the openness to look closely? Grab your camera, your smartphone or the iPad, show us your view of LIFE! and submit your documentary film to us!



Who can participate and what we are looking for

All pupils from Bavaria – from primary school to vocational high school – can take part in the competition. Your film should be 3 to 20 minutes long and show a moment from real life. Dare, be creative, show us your pictures! Since the award is a documentary film prize, feature films and fictional ideas are not admitted.

The deadline for entries is on April 1th 2022.

What we need from you

Accompanying the film (DVD, Bluray or file format with container .MOV, .mp4 or .MXF) please send us a short CV of yourself as well as a short text (max. 1 DIN A4 page) about the idea and realization of the film. Please do not forget to include your address and phone number.
Unfortunately we cannot return DVDs, USB sticks or other storage media.

Send everything by email or post to

Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival München Jugendfilmwettbewerb
Dachauerstr. 116
80636 München

If you have any questions please contact Kathi Seemann at


Music in film

If you want to use music in your movie, there are a few things to consider. You can only use music in a movie if you have the appropriate rights to use it. That means you need the right to use the music or song in your movie. This right is usually held by the record company. You also need the right to perform the music in public. This right usually has to be clarified via GEMA. This also applies to music that only runs in the background.

To include your current favorite song in your movie will therefore be quite complicated.
Basically you should only use music that is free of rights or music that you composed and recorded yourself.

You can find links to rights-free music licensed under Creative Commons on this page.


The sixth edition of the youth film competition with the theme LIFE! is offered by, the children and youth programme of the International Documentary Film Festival Munich in cooperation with the main prize donor BLLV e.V., the Bavarian Teachers' Association.

Five prizes with a total value of 1,100 euros will be awarded.




Review 2021


Our five-member jury for the youth film competition this year includes:

  • Ilka Knigge (freelance journalist and YouTuber of the BR channel Planet B)
  • Jalal Mawlawi (actor, presenter and member of the KINOASYL Film Festival Munich)
  • Dr. Sonja Moser (Director of the section New Media, Munich Pedagogical Institute)
  • Thilo Stangl (primary school teacher and member of the young BLLV)
  • and Maya Reichert (Head of

Click here for the detailed biographies of the individual jury members.

Awards Ceremony 2021

The awards ceremony took place during the Munich International Documentary Film Festival on May 16, 2021 from 4-5pm.
You can watch it here (in German).



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