VFF Documentary Film Production Award 2019 to Fabian Driehorst (Fabian&Fred)

Sponsored by VFF Verwertungsgesellschaft der Film und Fernsehproduzenten mbH

Florian Schwarz (moderator), Prof. Dr. Johannes Kreile (prize donor), Fabian Driehorst (award winner), Prof Ulrich Limmer (HFF München)

The VFF Documentary Film Production Award focuses attention on the work of producers for documentary films, an opportunity for the national industry. It is unique in Germany.

This year, the VFF Documentary Film Production Award worth 7,500 euros goes to Fabian Driehorst (Fabian&Fred) for his work on BOY OF WAR by Cyprien Clement-Delmas and Igor Kosenko.

The jury's statement:

This year's jury of the VFF Documentary Film Production Award has decided to award the prize to producer Fabian Driehorst from the production company Fabian & Fred. For the production of the documentary BOY OF WAR. The film consistently pursues a bulky theme: a young man from the Ukraine dedicates his entire life to the fascination of war and wants nothing more than to finally move to the real battlefield. Until then, his everyday life consists of war preludes. Artion, the boy's name, stalks abandoned houses, imitates shooting noises and shoots at enemy chimeras: Love of the homeland has given way to a total obsession with war. Directors and producers encounter this meaningless life plan without prejudice, curiously and respectfully.

The company works without a net and double bottom: no broadcaster could decide to get involved in this unruly project, no lender wanted to take care of the exploitation. Funding only flows as reference funds from the previous successful short film on the same topic. Fabian&Fred use cash, contributions and reserves and realize BOY OF WAR at the end for 50.400 Euro! Not only do they run a full financial risk, they also accept it,
in dangerous war and crisis scenes.

With this award, we reward the high commitment of the producer, his firm
Faith in this mysterious material, in which war becomes a cult, and his great willingness to take risks.


An Award for the German Documentary Film Industry

The importance of producers for documentary films cannot be overestimated. Far more than in a feature film, the production of a documentary film is accompanied by imponderables, because the plot often results from the events surrounding the protagonist only in the course of the process. The shooting can only be fixed to fixed days to a limited extent, the locations are usually changing, depending on the history and whereabouts of the protagonists. As a result, the amount of material shot is extensive and the montage of the film is usually time-consuming. Every documentary film demands an open approach from the directing team and the production, always in connection with costs that cannot be calculated precisely and often with tight budgets. Being a producer in the documentary film sector means one thing above all else: having courage. The VFF Documentary Film Production Award is intended to honour the role of producers in the creation of current documentary film projects.


Foundation and awarding of the prize

The award is donated by the VFF Verwertungsgesellschaft der Film und Fernsehproduzenten mbH and is endowed with prize money of 7,500 euros. The award takes place as part of the DOK.fest Munich at the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film.


Conditions of participation

Films that meet the following criteria are eligible for preselection for the VFF Documentary Film Production Award:

  • cinema film production with a minimum length of 72 minutes
  • at least 51% German production participation
  • Publication after 1st January, 2018
  • Public screening at DOK.fest 2019 possible (the cinema exploitation may already have started)
  • University films (including graduation films) are not permitted

The selection for the VFF Documentary Film Production Award is based on the following criteria:

  • Commitment to the selection of a challenging subject
  • Commitment to the composition of financing
  • Creativity / innovation in the composition of financing
  • Creative / innovative evaluation of the film
  • Creative input from production



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VFF Verwertungsgesellschaft der Film- und Fernsehproduzenten mbH is the collecting society of German commissioned producers, public broadcasters, private broadcasters and some regional television broadcasters. The shareholders are the Alliance of German Producers, the Federal Association of German Television Producers, Südwestrundfunk and Second German Television.


FairFilmAward Non-Fiction 2019

The FairFilmAward Non-Fiction 2019 particularly honours production companies with particularly fair working conditions. This year's award goes to ifage Filmproduktion from Wiesbaden. Crew United is the prize donor.


Review: VFF Documentary Film Production Award 2018

Prof. Dr. Johannes Kreile (VFF), Birgit Schulz (award winner)



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1st VFF Documentary Film Production Award 2018


Directors: Johanna Bentz, Camilo Colmenares, Sandra Dajani, Madeleine Dallmeyer, Nazgol Emami, Diana Menestrey, Khaled Nawal, Birgit Schulz
Production: Birgit Schulz (Bildersturm Filmproduktion)