Award Winner German Documentary Film

Music Award 2023: THIS KIND OF HOPE

Switzerland/Germany 2023, 83 min., Director: Pawel Siczek, Composition: David Langhard

© A Film Company / Daniel Samer

The Swiss musician, composer and producer David Langhard receives the German Documentary Film Music Award 2023 for his music to THIS KIND OF HOPE. Sincere congratulations!



He wants “to prevent Europe from sacrificing Belarus to Russia.” This is how Andrei Sannikov describes his mission. He stepped down from his position as Vice Foreign Minister in 1996 in protest against Lukaschenko’s policies and directly challenged him as a presidential candidate in 2010. Sannikov was subsequently arrested, tortured and sentenced. Today he lives in exile in Poland. His fight for a free Belarus continues. Silvia Bauer


Director and Writer: Pawel Siczek. Camera: Daniel Samer. Sound: Pawel Siczek, Jonathan Skorupa. Editing: Claudio Cea. Music: David Langhard. Production: A Film Company, Departures Film. Producers: Valentin Greutert, Thomas Král. Length: 83 min. Distribution: Real Fiction Filmverleih.

From the jury's statement

"The German-Swiss documentary THIS KIND OF HOPE by Pawel Siczek is an important and exciting instructive film about the largely unknown political developments in Belarus over the last three decades, told through the story of the dissident Andrei Sannikov.

The composer David Langhard’s consistent soundtrack complements the film narrative on many levels. Original song and genre music elements are superseded by dramatic motifs and pauses and breathing spaces are repeatedly created. In this way, the tension is continually maintained for the audience.

For the brave decision to provide this important contemporary history film with music that is individual and strong in character, the 11th German Documentary Film Music Award at DOK.fest Munich 2023 goes to David Langhard."

An award for the score of reality

The German Documentary Film Music Award annually honours a composition that connects with the documentary film narrative in an outstanding way and will be awarded for the eleventh time in 2023. It provides a platform for the work of the composers and the value of music as an additional means for the narrative in documentary films.

The prize is endowed with 5,000 euros and is awarded to the team of filmmakers and composers. The German Documentary Film Music Award is donated by the Versicherungskammer Kulturstiftung.

Here you can find out about the conditions of participation that had to be met.

The film at the festival

The winning film THIS KIND OF HOPE will be screened at the 38th DOK.fest München from 3 to 21 May 2023:

3 to 14 May 2023 at the Munich venues
8 to 21 May 2023 @home

The German Documentary Film Music Award will be presented at a festive award ceremony with film screening on Sunday, 7 May 2023 at 8.00pm at HFF Munich.

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