Germany 2019 – Director: Mario Schneider – Original language: German – Subtitles: English, None – Length: 90 min.

A lot of bad luck has befallen Uta. She has gone through deep valleys and lives today almost blind at the subsistence level. Her life is a story about the power of creativity, about love, satisfaction and confidence.




Mario Schneider was born in Neindorf in 1970. He studied musicology, art history and philosophy, later composition. In 2004 he founded the film production company 42film GmbH. Since 2000 he works as director, author and film composer.



AKT, DE 2015, 105 Min.
MANSFELD, DE 2012, 98 Min.
HEINZ UND FRED, DE 2007, 81 Min.



Shortlisted for VIKTOR DOK.deutsch (worth 5,000 Euros)


Writer: Mario Schneider. Camera: Friede Clausz. Sound: Christian Carl, Daniel Fischer, Christoph Fleischer. Editing: Gudrun Steinbrück, Mario Schneider. Music: Mario Schneider, Uta Pilling, Jens-Paul Wollenberg. Production: 42film GmbH. Producer: Christoph Kukula, Eike Goreczka.

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