Italy 2022 – Director: Davide Ferrario – Original language: Italian – Subtitles: German

“Without a memory it’s impossible to build a future.” The writer and philosopher Umberto Eco opens the doors to his private library – a memory bank. With interviews and tracking shots through libraries, the film approaches the fascination for the collection and collation of knowledge. The portrait shows Eco as an intelligent and self-deprecating man whose encyclopaedic hunger is infectious. Michael Kohl


In cooperation with Literaturhaus München

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English/Original Title: UMBERTO ECO – A LIBRARY OF THE WORLD. Writer: Davide FERRARIO. Camera: Andrea ZAMBELLI & Andrea ZANOLI. Sound: Vito MARTINELLI. Editing: Cristina SARDO. Music: Fabio BAROVERO. Production: Rossofuoco. Producer: Davide FERRARIO (Rossofuoco), Francesca BOCCA (Rossofuoco). Length: 80 min. International Sales: Fandango SpA



At a young age, Davide Ferrario worked as a film critic and wrote his first screenplay in 1986. He then began directing himself, alternating between documentaries and feature films. He received a David di Donatello for the film DOPO MEZZANOTTE.


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