Afghanistan 2022 – Director: Abbas Rezaie – Original language: Dari – Subtitles: English

The Afghan film ETILAAT ROZ opens the 38th DOK.fest München: An intense chamber play from the dramatic weeks in the summer of 2021.

The daily newspaper Etilaat Roz, based in Kabul, investigated corruption and abuse of office. For this, the independent medium was awarded a prize by Transparency International in 2020. After the hasty withdrawal of US armed forces in mid-August 2021, the US army frantically organised final evacuation flights, president Ghani fled the country and the Taliban took power. As a staff member, Abbas Rezaie observes editor Zaki Daryabi and his team at close quarters during the critical weeks of upheaval: Is it possible to continue working under these circumstances? How can the sources and staff be protected? Who can be put on the evacuation list? Zaki Daryabi has to make difficult decisions. A dramatic chamber play that reflects world history in a very confined space. Silvia Bauer and Daniel Sponsel

Abbas Rezaie, the director of the film and editor at the newspaper Etilaat Roz, who filmed in the editorial offices during the dramatic weeks in summer 2021, will be present at the festival opening on 3 May 2023 at Deutsches Theater.


English/Original Title: THE ETILAAT ROZ. Camera: Abbas Rezaie. Sound: Pedram Yar. Editing: Pedram Yar. Production: Abbas Rezaie. Producer: Abbas Rezaie, Zaki Daryabi. Length: 93 min.


The journalist and video reporter worked for the daily newspaper Etilaat Roz. He documented an explosive attack on a school in Kabul in May 2021 and is currently working on a film about young women who are no longer allowed to go to school. ETILAAT ROZ is his first long documentary film.


This film deals with violence.

Nominated for the DOK.horizonte Competition – Cinema of Urgency

The films in this series tell stories from countries in transition. They are supported by ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL with funds from the BMZ and are nominated for the VIKTOR DOK.horizonte Competition, endowed with 5,000 euros. The award donor is the Petra-Kelly-Stiftung.


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DOK.horizonte Competition – Cinema of Urgency 2023
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    Deutsches Theater
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