Germany, Ukraine 2023 – Director: Roman Liubyi – Original language: Dutch, English, Russian, Ukrainian – Subtitles: English

Iron Butterflies, butterfly-shaped projectiles disintegrated and brought down the passenger plane MH17 over eastern Ukraine on 17 July 2014. All 298 people on board were killed. While the mills of the law took years to convict the perpetrators, a rock-solid web of lies had been erected around the downing of the plane in Russia soon after. The film is a meticulous and artful approach to what remains when truth collides with grotesque falsification. With archival footage from international and Russian media, voices of eyewitnesses and perpetrators, the film examines how a world has been created in Russia in which violence can only be defended by lies and lies can only be maintained by violence. Pablo Bücheler


Writer: Roman Liubiy, Mila Zhluktenko. Camera: Andrii Kotliar. Sound: Andrii Rohachov. Editing: Roman Liubiy, Mila Zhluktenko. Music: Anton Baibakov, Oleksandra Morozova. Production: Babylon 13, Trima Film. Producer: Andrii Kotliar. Length: 84 min. International Sales: Rise And Shine World Sales


Roman Liubyi is a Ukrainian filmmaker and editor working in cinematography, theatre and music. His documentary debut WAR NOTE is a surreal cinematic journey to the frontline of the war between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, edited together from found footage of Ukrainian soldiers from 2014. Since 2013, Liubyi has been part of the film collective Babylon'13: Cinema of Civil Society.


WAR NOTE, UA 2020, 72 min.
ZHYTOMYR, UA 2017, 4 min.
PIGS, UA 2016, 23 min.


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    Rio 1
    Original with English subtitles (Q&A with co-writer & editor and co-producer)
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    Gasteig HP8 Projektor
    Original with English subtitles
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    HFF - Kino 2
    Original with English subtitles (Q&A w/ the co-writer & editor and co-producer)