Netherlands 2020 – Director: Sonja Wyss – Original language: Swiss German – Subtitles: English – Length: 97 min.

Four sisters grew up in the 60s in the Bahamas. Suddenly they moved back to Switzerland – without their father. Decades later the youngest attempts to piece together the varied fragments of their memories. Fascinating and touching.

We present the German premiere of the film at DOK.fest München 2020 @home.




Sonja Wyss was born in the Bahamas in 1967. After studying art in Switzerland, the Netherlands and the USA, she did her master's degree in film in Amsterdam. Her video installations and experimental films are shown in museums and at film festivals worldwide.


GREIFENSEE, NL 2013, 10 min.
WINTER SILENCE, NL 2008, 70 min.



For VIKTOR DOK.deutsch (worth 5,000 euros)


Writer: Sonja Wyss. Camera: Stef Tijdink, Reinout Steenhuizen. Sound: Taco Drijfhout. Editing: Katarina Türler. Production: Basalt Film. Producer: Simone van den Broek.

DOK.deutsch Wettbewerb 2020

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