Germany 2016 – Director: Heike Schuffenhauer, Marc Seibold – Original language: German – Subtitles: None – Length: 75 min.

On our online platform for the artistic feature-length documentary film you will find a new film released every month. You can view the other selections here in the overview. The film in April 2024 is THIS IS ATOMIC LOVE.


At long last a film about the legendary Munich indie club, “The Atomic Café.” Here in front of its iconic glittery backdrop local bands, such as Sportfreunde Stiller, as well as international groups and DJs created unforgettable nights of music for almost 18 years. This film is a declaration of love. Maren Willkomm



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Heike Schuffenhauer

She has been working for various TV productions for 16 years. Her professional career began at the music channel MTV in London. Schuffenhauer currently works as CvD for BR.

Marc Seibold

Seibold works for numerous public broadcaster programmes and as a freelancer for image films and music videos (directing, camera, editing). He also publishes his own documentary films (ÖR & private).


Writer: Heike Schuffenhauer, Marc Seibold. Camera: Marc Seibold. Editing: Marc Seibold. Production: n/a. Producer: Heike Schuffenhauer.