Austria 2023 – Director: Marko Doringer – Original language: German – Subtitles: None

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How much of a grip do others actually have on their lives? And what’s this life really all about? Through a series of everyday concerns and banalities, Doringer sets out to discover the roots of his depression. Does it run in his family? How do his friends handle their lives? If you look for ropes, are you certain to fall? A classic Doringer on melancholy and recklessness. Helga-Mari Steininger


English/Original Title: YOUR STRUGGLE – MY STRUGGLE. Writer: Marko Doringer. Camera: Marko Doringer, Joerg Burger. Sound: Tong Zhang, Veronika Hlawatsch, Alexander Koller. Editing: Marko Doringer, Daniel Flax. Music: Elsa Tootsie & the Mini Band, Les Hommes Sauvages. Production: Filmfabrik - Marko Doringer Filmproduktion. Producer: Marko Doringer. Length: 93 min. International Sales: tba Distribution: tba


Marko Doringer
After dropping out of two university courses, he founded his production company "Filmfabrik." He works as a documentary filmmaker and producer. DEIN LEBEN – MEIN LEBEN is the fourth part of his autobiographical film journey.


MEIN WENN UND ABER, AT 2021, 93 min.
NÄGEL MIT KÖPFEN, AT 2013, 95 min.
MEIN HALBES LEBEN, AT 2008, 93 min.


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DOK.panorama 2023
  • Friday
    HFF - Kino 1
    German original language (Q&A with director Marco Doringer)
  • Wednesday
    Neues Rottmann
    German original language
  • Thursday
    Neues Maxim
    German original language

This film is not available online. You can buy a regular ticket for a cinema screening.