France, Germany, South Africa 2022 – Director: Lena Karbe – Original language: Other, Afrikaans, English – Subtitles: English, German – Length: 81 min.

Casting off traditional roles to take up the fight against poaching. The BLACK MAMBAS are an all-women group that protects endangered species from illegal hunting in Kruger National Park, South Africa. For them, the job represents self-determination and strength and the uncompromising desire to conserve their country’s fauna – but how far can their emancipation actually succeed? Helga-Mari Steininger

We present the German premiere of the film.


No youth rating


Lena Karbe

Before studying at the University of Television and Film Munich, Karbe studied film at the University of Oxford and the École normale supérieure in Paris. Her focus since then has been on documentary film. The director and producer lives and works in Munich. BLACK MAMBAS is her first feature-length documentary film.


BLACK MAMBAS, ZA/DE/FR 2022, 81 min.
CHADDR – UNTER UNS DER FLUSS, DE 2020, 89 min. (producer)
CHINESE DREAM, CN/DE 2020, 49 min. (co-directed with Tristan Coloma)


Munich Premieres

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English/Original Title: WILD WILD LIFE. Writer: Lena Karbe, Tristan Coloma. Camera: Mateusz Smolka. Sound: George Ramosime. Editing: Georg Michael Fischer. Music: Rémi Alexandre. Production: Karbe Film GmbH, Day for Night Productions, ARTE/ZDF/USHUAIA (TF1). Producer: Lena Karbe. Co-Producers: French Coproducer - Day for Night productions, Jan Vasak South African Associate Producer - Natives At Large, Ramadan Suleman. International Sales: Autlook Filmsales. Distribution: Karbe Film GmbH.