Italy 2022 – Director: Marija Stefānija Linuža – Original language: Italian – Subtitles: English

Two mid-length films from Italy. In AMA OSA we get to know Noa, a camgirl - or should that be a visual artist? Noa is constantly reinventing herself – negotiating her biographical freedom and social restraints. In DEDALO we follow three young men in Genoa. Nocturnal wanderings, plenty of alcohol and few prospects. Two documentary responses to Fellini’s cinematic dream. Jan Sebening

We show this film together with DEDALO.


Production: ZeLIG - School for documentary. Producer: Heidi Gronauer, Lorenzo Paccagnella. Length: 49 min.


Marija Stefānija Linuža was born in Riga, Lithuania, where she graduated in Multimedia Design with a video installation. This was followed by stints at film schools in Prague and Rome before she began her studies in documentary film directing at ZeLIG in Bolzano in 2018. AMA OSA is her graduation film.


ESTRANGE, LT/IT 2021, 20 min.

Nominated for the Student Award

The Student Award of DOK.fest München presents outstanding documentary films by students of German-speaking film schools. The films are nominated for the megaherz Student Award, worth 3,000 Euros.


#Online #Young perspectives – Coming of age

Student Award 2023
  • Saturday
    HFF - Kino 2
    Original with English subtitles (Q&A w. Marija Stefanija Linuza & Chiara Capo)
  • Saturday
    Neues Maxim
    Original with English subtitles