FFF Talent Award Documentary Film 2022:

The Nominees


Young Bavarian documentary filmmakers whose films are shown at the festival: The FFF Förderpreis Dokumentarfilm (Talent Award Documentary Film), sponsored by FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, honours local up-and-coming directors at DOK.fest München. The award is given across all sections and is endowed with 5,000 euros.
First or second films by emerging directors produced in Bavaria are nominated. The directors should live in Bavaria or be native Bavarians or have studied in Bavaria.


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The Nominees

Germany 2021, Rebecca Zehr, 52 min., original with English subtitles

Can you hear images? Or see sound? Is it possible to be open without losing yourself? Or walk your own path without denying your roots? Marja Burchhard, the new leader of the musical collective Embryo, searches to find her own sound. A filmic work of art – like it were being played on an instrument – that improvises and experiments with image and sound.


South Africa/Germany/France 2022, Lena Karbe, 81 min., original with English subtitles

Casting off traditional roles to take up the fight against poaching. The BLACK MAMBAS are an all-women group that protects endangered species from illegal hunting in Kruger National Park, South Africa. For them, the job represents self-determination and strength and the uncompromising desire to conserve their country’s fauna – but how far can their emancipation actually succeed?



Germany 2021, Felix Klee, 14 min., original with English subtitles

How do you define home? What does loss have to do with pain? In opaque tableaux, Felix Klee searches for fragments of a feeling, for traces of a memory and grasps around to re-experience something that has been lost. In stoic black and white, he layers film with screencaps and 3D modelling. A farewell to transience.


Germany 2021, Katharina Köster, 90 min., German original version

On the journey to the clinic, thoughts come to him: “what will I do if I survive this? What comes next?” At that moment he is afraid of all the future possibilities. The heart transplant is a success. Tobias is saved. Katharina Köster accompanies Tobias over a period of 10 years, during which he faces difficult battles with himself and the world around him.


Germany 2021, Vera Brückner, 94 min, original with English subtitles

Ex-East, ex-West, the Cold War and a great love affair. How was it? How did it feel? There are films that rely on images and archive and then there are the films that simply recreate everything without further ado in playful detail. A film that crosses borders, with tongue in cheek humour that is one thing above all: a great love story.


Germany 2022, Verena Wagner, 40 Min., original with English subtitles

Imagine the feeling of being deep in the forest – its vastness, the silence, the damp shade and the dangers that exist purely in the imagination. Can this inimitable feeling be recreated on the big screen? Come and be amazed; take the time to experience something that is as intangible as it is recognisable. A cinematographic mediation on the leitmotif: what is the forest?


Jury of the FFF Talent Award Documentary Film 2022

We are pleased to present to you the jury that will select the winner of the FFF Talent Award Documentary Film 2022.


Award Ceremony

The award ceremony of the FFF Talent Award Documentary Film will take place within the award ceremony of the main prizes of the 37th DOK.fest München:
Saturday, 14 May 2022, 8.00pm, Deutsches Theater, Großer Saal