Jury Statements

DOK.international 2011
The classic competition for internationally renowned productions, which has sparked worldwide sensation and interest. The films in this section are nominated for the Documentary:Filmaward:2011 of the Bayerischer Rundfunk and Telepool GmbH (10.000 EUR). The winner of DOK.international is:

Deutschland 2011, 111 Min.

Those who wish to document the Khodorkovsky case choose a very uncomfortable topic! The gears of the Russian judiciary system, a wall of silence and a protagonist in custody - from the very beginning the filmmaker is thrown into a labyrinth of impossibilities! But director Cyril Tuschi toughed it out. He invested many years and a lot of courage into his film - and with precision and passion created a documentary with a modern visual language which shows the light and dark sides of the former oligarch.


DOK.horizonte 2011 Award

The competition is for films from developing and emerging countries, which were made under difficult political or financial situations and are committed to promoting human rights, social justice, and sustainable development.

These films are nominated for the festival's Horizonte Award (3.000 EUR). ARTE is the partner of DOK.horizonte. The winner of this section is:

EL MOCITO – Marcela Said und Jean de Certeau
Chile 2010, 70 Min.

By focusing on the story of an individual, the filmmakers draw a complex picture of the Chilean military dictatorship which despite its historical perspective is now more timely than ever. With utmost precision they unfold a multilayer story of their protagonist’s guilt and redemption in which his penchant for self-aggrandizement constantly threatens to blur a clear view on the historic events and his own role in them. El Mocito brings to light the narrow line between guilt and innocence, perpetrator and victim and takes the audience on an exciting journey of discovery.


Honorable Mention DOK.horizonte

MY MOTHER, OAK - Mahmoud Rahmani
Iran 2011, 52 Min.

The Jury for DOK.horizonte section would like to give special mention to the film, My Mother, Oak, by Mahmoud Rahmani - the poetic portrait of an unusual loner. The film skillfully weaves the criticism of Iran's dam projects with its impact on population and environment. A Visually impressive film - especially since the film was produced from difficult political circumstances.


Diana Iljine – Filmfest München
Claudia Landsberger – EYE International Amsterdam
Francine Brücher – SWISS FILMS
Sonja Scheider – BR Redaktion
Andrea Kuhn – MenschenrechtsFilmfestival Nürnberg


A competition for German language films that thematically and geographically address fascinating regional themes. The films in this section are nominated for the BLM Film Award 2011 of the Bavarian Authority for Private Broadcasting (5,000 EUR). The winner is:

WADANS WELT – Dieter Schumann
Deutschland 2010,100 Min.

WADANS WELT seems to come from a perishing world: He depicts the story of a traditional company in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, which, in recent years, has been at the mercy of changing investors. At the core of the film by Dieter Schumann are the dignity and ethos of work, the forlornness of people in a globalized world, and the powerlessness of those at the heart of a powerful web of economic interests. Here he achieves symbolic scenes that make the change in the working world clear without cliches. The proximity to the protagonists awakens empathy at the same time showing the fragility of friendship and solidarity in painful intensity in this extraordinary piece of filmmaking. For what is harder than work, than to lose it.


A special mention by the Jury DOK.deutsch goes to the film

BAD BOY KUMMER - Miklós Gimes
Schweiz/Deutschland 2010, 92 Min.

A film which has created a ordeal for the Jury.

A look behind the scenes of the sensational journalism created with modern film language. The very latest subject of manipulation by the media and manipulation of the media which has polarizes and maintains at the same time. A happy movie about a liar - and not completely without problems.


FFF-Documentary Talent Award (5.000 Euro)

Deutschland 2010, 90 Min.

Gereon Wetzel observes the inventor and wizard of the molecular avant-garde kitchen, Ferran Adrià,for one season. The crew is also present for the kitchen's failed attempts. Subtly, an obsessive filmmaker follows the work of a man possessed. He observed the development of a culinary art, cold and distant, with the protagonists always close at hand. Gereon Wetzel has himself created a work of art with his film. EL BULLI celebrates the art of cooking. A wonderful cinematic treat.

Jury DOK.deutsch und FFF-Förderpreis:
Jutta Höcht-Stöhr Evangelische Akademie, München
Margret Köhler Journalistin, München
Fidelis Mager Producer/Geschäftsführer Megaherz, München
Lukas Schmidt Redakteur ZDF, Mainz


Speed Pitch Award 2011
3.000 Euro / Bayerischer Rundfunk & Telepool

MATRU SAPNA – Träume einer Mutter
Valerie Gudenus - Züricher Hochschule der Künste

The issue of surrogate motherhood is depicted from a special point of view: from the woman involved and the agent. When one deals with such topics, questions often follow:

What motivates the women to be surrogate mothers - and often not only once, but a second time - even a third?
How do they emotionally cope with this particular situation?
The story, which is told by director, Valerie Gudenus, gives us touching answers to these questions. We believe that there is great potential in this project and the research prize at this early stage in development will help the winner to advance in the process she has undertaken and allow for further aspects to be developed in her project.


mimikri media Award 2011

TIGERNASE – Lobsang Tashi Sotrug
Schweiz 2010, 52 Min.

Tiger's nose tells the story of a very special friendship between the 80-year-old Tibetan in exile, Tiger's Nose, and the young film maker Lobsang Tashi Sotrug. The two men engage in an extraordinary search for memory and identity.
The audience gains a genuine and honest insight into the inner and outer world of the present and past of the two protagonists.
While the boundaries between reality, film and play become blurred in front of the camera, intimate snapshots emerge, which compose an artful, personal and political mosaic.

JURY: Birgit Leib, Sarah Sanktjohanser, Sabine Meister, Karolina Piotrowski, Daniel Sponsel