Germany 2021 – Director: Laurentia Genske, Robin Humboldt – Original language: Arabic, English, German – Subtitles: English, German, None

With charm, style and a great strength of character, two trans women allow us deep insights into their life. An intimate and sensitive coming-of-age film about the search for one's identity in a world that transcends the cis-heteronormative society that still adheres to two genders.

Without age restriction

English/Original Title: ZUHUR'S DAUGHTERS. Writer: Laurentia Genske, Robin Humboldt. Camera: Laurentia Genske, Robin Humboldt. Sound: Laurentia Genske, Robin Humboldt. Editing: Carina Mergens. Production: CORSO Film. Producer: Erik Winker, Martin Roelly, Ümit Uludağ. Length: 89 min. Distribution: Camino Filmverleih


Laurentia Genske

Genske made short and long documentaries during her studies at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (2010 to 2016). AM KÖLNBERG was awarded the German Documentary Film Prize, among others. EL MANGUITO received the rating "particularly valuable" in 2017.


EL MANGUITO, D 2017, 19 min.
AFUERA, D 2015, 64 min.
AM KÖLNBERG, D 2014, 88 min.

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