Germany 2019 – Director: Maya Reichert – Original language: English, French, German, Portuguese – Subtitles: German – Length: 90 min.

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In striking imagery, smouldering lava spews out over the idyllic volcanic island of Fogo – a symbol of the blessings and curses in the lives of the three protagonists, who have courageously defied fate to find love, happiness and a home on the Cape Verde Islands.

"If you want to change your life with all your heart, you can do it!" Alcindo has overcome the poverty of his family in the volcanic crater village – Laeticia from France wants to live there with him, on the Cape Verdean island of Fogo. Ex-bodybuilder Vincent was able to escape his traumas in Denmark and find peace with his family at the foot of the volcano. Ralph left Germany behind and with his love Ella created a plant paradise on the inhospitable volcano island. They all stood on the abyss, they all courageously took their lives into their own hands. In impressive pictures and with simple clarity the film shows at the same time the vulnerability and the power of nature and people. Each picture and each conversation sensitively captures these contrasts. And when the lava dances on the volcano, we understand the magic and violence of life.

We present the world premiere of the film at DOK.fest München 2019.


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Maya Reichert – Munich

Maya Reichert left advertising film production to study documentary film directing at the HFF Munich, where she subsequently worked in Doris Dörrie's department. Today she works as a freelance filmmaker, cultural manager and in the field of film education.


TANZ AUF DEM VULKAN, DE 2019, 90 min.


Exhibition FEUERBERG

For over a year, Maya Reichert's film team followed the lives of two emigrants and a local on the volcanic island of Cape Verde. The documentary shows the close bond between man and nature as well as the unexpected eruption of the volcano Pico do Fogo. One year after the eruption, Munich-based photographer Tom Gonsior photographed the final extent of the destruction as well as the incipient reconstruction of the village on Fogo. In the DOK.fest photo exhibition FEUERBERG at the Gasteig, presented by the Munich City Library, his impressive images show the ruins of the buried houses, the waves of lava turned to stone, interspersed with the fresh green of newly emerging plants.

26 April – 19 May 2019, Gasteig Munich


English/Original Title: JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE. Writer: Erzählerin Solveig Jeschke. Camera: Marcus Winterbauer. Sound: Moritz Springer. Editing: Frank Müller. Music: Superstrings, Maria Rui. Sounddesign Clemens Becker. Production: R&S Filmproduktion, Fruitmarket Filmproduktion, Kaamos Film. Producer: Lucia Scharbatke. Co-Producers: Koproduzent: Arne Birkenstock, Fruitmarket Arts & Media Köln, http://www.fruitmarket.de/ Koproduktion: Kamoos Filmproduktion.

Munich Premieres 2019

This film can be seen in our online film library DOK.fest @home Selection since September 2023: www.dokfest-muenchen.de/Selection